Commercial Quality. Home Approved.

At Speed Queen we know exactly what it means to be commercial-grade. The washers and dryers we build for long-lasting performance in laundromats, hospitals, hotels, dormitories and residential institutions are the same machines built to last 25 years in your home. Located in Ripon, Wisconsin, for more than a century, our machines are manufactured using metal instead of plastic. They're built with rugged, commercial-grade construction and pushed beyond their limit in our state-of-the-art test lab to ensure maximum durability. Bottom line, Speed Queen washers and dryers are built better to last longer.

Commercial-Grade Means Better Made

The reason we’re the leader in commercial laundry is no mystery - stronger parts make for longer performance. While other manufacturers choose to build their washers and dryers using plastic parts, we use commercial-quality metal components throughout our machines.

We design, develop and manufacture all critical machine components in Ripon Wisconsin. We take pride in the quality of our products and their dependability in your home.

Dependable Not Disposable Electronic Controls

We understand that if your control doesn’t work, neither does your machine. Speed Queen electronic controls are designed for reliable operation and proven through more than two decades of use in the commercial market. Our industrial controls are engineered to endure extreme climate environments, power surges and vibration for years of trouble-free use.

Speed Queen controls use a multi-layered circuit board with heavy-duty connectors for commercial durability; and every circuit board features a moisture barrier backing for added protection. A commercial-grade component adhesive enables our controls and circuitry to withstand prolonged vibration for years of reliability.

Making The Grade By Passing The Tests

Manufacturing products that perform for a quarter-century in the home begins with a program of vigorous product testing long before the manufacturing process begins.

To this end, we employ a unique 5-stage product development process that pushes each design to its limits on screen and in the field. Within a state-of-the-art test lab, equipment is tested to 10,400 cycles, the equivalent of 25 years of performance in the average home and two to three times longer than other brands.

The Proof Is In The Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our electronic control machines that we back them with an industry-leading-5-year warranty. That’s 5 times longer than the industry average and includes all parts and in-home labor. After all, the longest lasting washers should have the longest lasting warranty.

Standing The Test Of Time

Speed Queen washers and dryers are tested to last 10,400 cycles. Using an average of 8 loads of laundry per week, that adds up to 25 years of use in your home. We receive daily messages and online reviews from homes around the globe who own machines that are 25, 30 even 40+ years old. Our commitment to American Quality is proven in the reliability of our machines and your peace of mind.